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"Athena gave a seminar for my wellness series in 2011. There were woman (and patients of mine) in the audience of different sizes, different beliefs, and always looking for the next "weight-loss" cure. Athena was able to connect personally and with empathy for every woman there. She was able to get them past this "good-looking, fit-chick" first impression and let them see she UNDERSTOOD their battles. There was NO question she couldn't answer. She's also extremely accessible and personable. I'd like to add, she also cracked the room up more than once! This girl is all heart. MY MISTAKE: I had her as my FIRST speaker in the series. She was a very hard act to follow."

Dr. Shirley Madhere, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



"I'm writing to say I attended Dr. Madheres seminar with Athena. I enjoyed Athena's candor and her real-life experience with her topic enormounsly. She fulfills, in spades, the 10,000 hour rule of what makes someone an expert. They're are so many people practicing in this field with inferior expertise and experience and nowhere near her level of compassion for her clients and ability to tailor a program. Thank you for having Athena, the real deal.

Katherine Singer, Board Certified Nutritionist



"Athena walks the walk. That's it"

Dr. Ronald Ruden GMD



"Athena has taken the guesswork out of what to eat for all of us from vegans, vegetarians and the sort. As a senior yoga teacher, and vegan, I was walking around 12 pounds overweight for years. Athena got the weight off me, without deprivation, improved my yoga practice enormously, while not compromising my ethical eating choices.

Nicole Nichols, Senior Teacher Jivamukti Yoga NYC



"2 years ago, I looked in the mirror, saw a paunchy, middle-aged schlub, and decided to deal with it once and for all. I love Athena, because she's funny, she knows her shit, tells it like it is, and gets the job done. She helpe me tweak my lifestyle, and I could SEE and FEEL results immediately. I love food, and hate sacrifice. I learned I can eat anything I want, but when, and how often makes all the difference. I've lost 20 pounds of blubber and gained 12 pounds of muscle. As I began to look and feel better, I watched, astounded as the world started to treat me differently. If you dig getting smiles from cute stranger every day, work with Athena"

Barry Deck,



"I've been a personal trainer for 12 years, happily employed in NYC. Although I'm a fitness professional, I've suffered with my own weight problem like the rest of most Americans. I've hired numerous nutritionists, dietitians and even a scientist to help me with my weight. Not 1 of them was ever to make a dent, nor actually getting to the root of my problems. Not 1 person explained the "whys" to me, nor gave me the constant one-on-one attention necessary or the glimmer of hope than Athena Lee did. Athena is both passionate, and compassionate about her clients results. She makes herself extremely accessible, a rarity in this field today. Thanks to Athena, not only am I seeing and feeling lasting results, but I've got a new an improved energy that not only have my wife and children noticed, but my clients as well. Athena is ethical, full of life, and extremely talented at getting to the root of the individuals issues and solving them. I love that girl. I'm blessed to know her."

-Richard Mercedes, Personal Trainer



I'm a male in my 50's who resides in Florida currently with my family. I'd known Athena back from her competition days, and we'd recently reconnected. I'd always been about 30 pounds overweight. I'm also an emotional eater. I was tired of being on cholesterol and high-blood pressure meds. Not to mention tired of not seeing my waist!! I decided to put myself in Athena's hands, and sent her my "baseline" which was basically me eating little to no carbs, then a free-for all dinner. Athena methodically changed some things using baby steps, all while making sure they suited my schedule and that I actually enjoyed the choices. Athena ADDED tons of carbs!!! At first I thought, "Is this woman CRAZY??" I should also mention I hated cardio though I have a great machine right in my house. Well, suffice to say, I listened to Athena.

Cut to now: 3 months later: I am DOWN 30 POUNDS!! I fell in LOVE with my cardio, (do NOT ask me what physiology she used on me! But it doesn't matter, it worked!!), I EAT CARBS regularly AND, my wife and I go out to extravagant Italian dinners weekly. (Athena's words: Life is just here for us to ENJOY it. Deprivation doesn't coincide with this program.) I should also mention I am OFF all of my medications (with doctors approval)! This woman changed my LIFE, and SAVED my LIFE. The personalize relationship she forms with you is that of an old-school coach and dear friend. She checks in with you several times a day. And when you're having a bad day, she miraculously knows how to FIX IT.

My wife and 24 year old daughter are now currently working with her. So, I guess we'll be building an Athena "shrine" in my house! I SHOULD let you all know, I informed Athena of what she's costing me in clothes alterations and new wardrobes. Her reply: "Really? I couldn’t care less. Boo Hoo." This girl gives the phrase "straight-shooter" a whole new meaning. Don't expect her to just tell you what you want to hear. She cares about 1 thing only: YOUR RESULTS. And she'll GET THEM!

Edward Weil, MetLife








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