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Athena Lee Credentials

• RD (Registered Dietician)
• CSSD (Board Certified Specialist Sports Dietetics)
• NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
• CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
• RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher, 600 hours)

Athena has 35 years of experience in the diet and fitness industry. She'd like to personally note that while all the "certifications" are deemed necessary, the courses all FAIL in comparison to the experience her bodybuilding journey has provided. One cannot compare the actual experiences of going through the physical and emotional journey of competing with one's sculpted physique to simple courses that fall short as far as an understanding of the physical body and the physche.



Athena Lee was born on the floor of The Coney Island Housing Projects in Brooklyn, New York. She took to competing as a teenage bodybuilder and earned quick acclaim. Collecting all of the Brooklyn titles and all of the New York titles she went on to winning the USA championship at age 22. Athena was featured in several fitness magazines, newspaper articles, and pegged "Teen Phenom" and "Outstanding lightweight of the US."
She was handpicked by the acclaimed artist BORIS VALLEJO to represent his famous JOE WEIDER ad campaign for his popular BIG supplement.

Athena left the sport in pursuit of a healthier route, continuing to study all aspects of the body including using herself as a guinea pig for all the fad diets that came and went. During her own research, Athena developed and trademarked her own system entitled "The Athena Effect."

She currently works exclusively with clients one-on-one developing personal programs tailored to their individuals lifestyles, health issues, schedules, and medical conditions. Though based out of New York, her clientele extends to people in all areas of the country , and internationally. Clients range currently from 12 years of age and up.

Athena is currently working with several doctors and surgeons giving seminars for their wellness programs.

Before her technique was developed, Athena suffered from weight fluctuation, severe headaches, low-energy, and body dysmorphia. She follows her own technique and guidelines while never depriving herself of her favorite food: Cake.

In 2011, Athena was named one of the top 25 Diet and Fitness coaches in the country. (


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*Athena dedicates her work as a labor of love to her late mother, who dieted unsuccessfully her whole life and died obese in 2005.



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