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Why it works:

It works because it starts YOU where YOU need to start.

It is personalized for YOU, not a "cookie cutter" program that is given out to everyone.

For instance: If you are a man in your forties and you have never done anything physical and perhaps have an injury, then you will be given the appropriate program for you. If you are a woman and are currently active and just still struggling with some body issues, you will be given a program designed for you.




The Athena Effect lets you work with YOUR lifestyle.


You will not be expected to do some ridiculous physical feat that you are not ready for. Nor will you be expected to start eating tofu should you not enjoy it.

We want to take what you love to eat, and what you love to do physically and work them into your lifestyle the way it is now, in a healthy way.

Millions of people every year try fad diets and exercise programs that fail. These programs fail miserably due to being difficult to follow.... people don't stand a chance.

They then wind up feeling worse about themselves instead of better. They blame themselves. The unfortunate cycle continues.


The Athena Effect TEACHES you.

WHY do I feel hungry? WHY do I feel lethargic? WHAT am I doing that's not letting me achieve results? These questions are ANSWERED, finally, for YOU specifically.










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